Golf Girl to Play AIG's Mysterious Morefar this Spring

I begin every weekday with a mocha latte and Bloomberg News.

Needless to say my days have had quite a few inauspicious beginnings of late, and this morning was definitely one of them. Accelerating declines and deteriorating economic conditions were front and center, and traders were panicking.

As the malaise continues, the most prominent financial headlines on this turbulent day feature news that AIG is back for more government bailout money. It seems they're still too big to fail, and it seems they're still on the verge of failing. This after already grabbing hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money throughout the fall and winter.

This news brought me back to a post I wrote last fall on the mysterious golf course known as Morefar. Just ten minutes from my house, on a winding country road, the course has a definite allure, heighten by the fact that the grounds are supposedly dotted with dozens of... titillating... sculptures.

You'll never find the full story on Morefar anywhere. The few articles I've found, online and off, indicate the sculpture strewn course is no longer owned by American International Group, but by a shadowy seeming entity called Starr International, however, much of what I've read indicates that funding for the course may still be linked to AIG, and what is a fact is that neither you nor I can ever play the course, no matter how nicely we ask.

It's snowing quite heavily here today, and golf in the region is still a month or two away, but as I sip my latte and watch the continued carnage on Bloomberg, I'm feeling a heightened resolve to play the curious course come Spring. Anyone else who might be interested please let me know. I'll set up the flight and foursomes and... we'll just do it. After all I think we kind of own the place.


*Photos c/o GolfClubAtlas.Com