My Quest to Play Morefar - Follow it on Cocktail Match

Today was the first day of spring, and though the trees are still bare and the earth still hard and drab, there's that intangible touch of promise in the air.

That's what makes early spring golf so different from the late fall game.

In November we tend to play with melancholy... and a touch of resignation, while March golf is full of hope and lightheartedness. More than ever... in this spring of 2009... that transient patch of on-course optimism is something to be savored.

I played nine holes at beautiful Richter Park a few days ago, and that couple of hours, on the still dormant course, went a long way towards keeping my spirits high. It got me through a particularly disturbing week, where collective public outrage and tumult, over the now iconic AIG bonuses, reached a fever pitch.

Of all the duplicitous companies and financial institutions we've become acquainted with over the past several months, AIG seems to have risen to the top, symbolising... more that any other... the hubris, greed, recklessness and treachery that has so severely undermined trust... that has dashed so many dreams... and that has plunged the world economy into chaos.

The irony is that from the beautiful lakeside 12th hole at Richter Park, one can quite clearly see, across the water, a sparkling piece of the AIG ledgend. Mysterious Morefar. Yes, I know, I've written about Morefar before. On a couple of occasions, and I've got to admit I'm slightly intrigued with the course. OK I'm downright obsessed with it, and to that end I've started a blog at Cocktail Match where I'll be chronicling my quest to play the storied course.

You can read the first installment now, including re-posts of my past Morefar pieces. The fabulous Krista Escamilla introduces the series in her awesome One Shot Entertainment News Update. The story will undoubtedly have elements of mystery and suspense, as everything about the course is quite clandestine, and my past attempts to approach it have been met with thinly veiled hostility. I don't know what kind of twists and turns the story will take, but it's bound to be revealing and I'm hoping the final chapter will be written after a satisfying round at Morefar.