Dec 3, 2012

Will One Direction Onesies Make Their Way to the Golf Course?

One Direction Onesies             Colin MacFarlane/Splash News
So here's a trend that may not pass current country club dress code dictates, but as temperatures plunge in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, I'm guessing it may be appearing on golf courses somewhere before too long.

It's the OnePiece, a cuddly head-to-toe jumpsuit that's disturbingly similar to those adorable infant body suits we typically refer to as onesies.  Except that these are intended for adults big people.

Among the style's early adopters are the uber-famous gentlemen of boyband, One Direction.  The guys... including golf obsessed duo Harry Styles and Niall Horan... were recently photographed in the hooded hybrid garments and I must admit it's a cute, cozy look.

The sartorial answer to comfort food, at first glance the OnePiece looks somewhat extremely pajama-like, however a closer look at their website reveals styles that would be quite appropriate - perhaps not on a Sunday morning at Winged Foot - but certainly for a wintery round at the muni... and no matter where you play, a OnePiece looks like it would be a pretty nice thing to lounge around in après-winter-golf, don't you agree?


  1. but it,,is confortable for the rain,,, but for swing??!!! :)

  2. It looks to me like there might be a tad too much fabric to ensure a consistant swing. I think an on-course test is in order Patricia, just don't try it at Winged Foot. ;)

  3. CUTE!! The outfits and the guys. ;)

  4. I hope they don't make their way onto my golf course.

    Great outfits perhaps for out and about but definitely not on the golf course. I'm not sure they would be too comfortable swinging in anyway.

  5. Not a flattering look, even for those young guys. I kind of hope it's a passing fad.

  6. looks like a HAZ MAT suit

    i remember COLD weather meant LAYERing clothes (undershirt, t-shirt, sweater, vest, jacket) to put on and take off as the body adjusted to the temperature changes

    of course it's been some time since i've actually literally experienced COLD weather

    and this homey don't do sno no mo


  7. This one will fall by the wayside soon enough. Can you envision a day anytime soon that you'd see this at Augusta? Passing fad.

  8. This one will fall by the wayside soon enough. Can you envision a day anytime soon that you'd see this at


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