Golf Girl's List: Holiday Golf Gifts for Kids

When it comes to holiday gift giving, it's often the young'uns who take priority (lucky them), and with that in mind we present our hand-picked selection of golf gifts for kids.  

We've chosen a variety of products, from golf apparel and accessories, to golf-inspired toys and games. Included are gift ideas for the young... and the very young... from some of our favorite companies.

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Today, The Pent-Up Demand For Tiger Woods In Action, Has An Outlet

Tiger Woods & The Adorable Tiger Trophy Robert Laberge/Getty Images 
For a while it seemed the golf world had reconciled itself to life without Tiger Woods.  Some were even saying the sport was better without him. After all, the game has a host of charismatic, young stars with massive talents and compelling personalities, so why dwell on the days when one man so dominated the fairways that the extraordinary exploits of others were all but overlooked?  

There was, in fact, a pragmatic acceptance among avid fans, that golf had entered the post-Tiger era. Some such fans appeared to move on without regret, convincing themselves that this stable of emerging stars would fill the void left by the one who once ruled. 

Meanwhile, despite the weekly appearance of deep and accomplished fields, it seems that even avid fans were left with an unrequited longing for what once was. As for casual fans... many of them lost interest altogether. 

So, The tsunami of excitement that's currently inundating the golf spaces on social media should come as no surprise. As Tiger Woods prepares to tee off for the first time in way too long, it's clear that the pent up demand for him is very real. 

How to watch Tiger Woods live at Hero World Challenge: Live stream, TV channel, tee time

Great Golf Gifts for Home & Garden

Holiday Gifts for Golfers

9.Golfer Clock, $69.95 -
10.Golf Garden Thermometor, $46.95 -

Do you have friends whose passion for golf totally transcends the fairways?

You know the ones, they long to live the game...24/7! So much so that they want to bring golf right into their homes and cohabitate with it.

And as such, they'll probably love our list of golf home & garden gifts.

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How To Find The Perfect Holiday Gift For A Golf Collector

These days there's a massive nostalgia for the 20th century.  As a result, idiosyncratic old objects are reemerging from attics and basements.  Vintage artifacts from decades past are being coveted by collectors, and sought after by those seeking to reconnect with what now seems a simpler time.

Golf, in a sense, came of age in the 20th century, and as a result it's not difficult to find a diverse array of fascinating items from the game's past.  Whether or not you'd ever want to bring them into your home, it can be comforting to know they're out there. And for those who are so inclined, golf collectibles can be quite accessible.  

If you have golf collectors on your holiday gift list, now's the time to start hunting. Begin with Etsy or Ebay, and take it from there. Check out my To 10 vintage golf gift finds HERE.


Golf Girl's Gift List - Inspired Ideas to Delight Golfers & Golf Fans

The holiday season is fast approaching, and for the first time ever we'll be sharing our favorite gift ideas. Ideas for every golfer... and each golf fan... on your list.  

We'll be introducing the guide next week - Monday, November 13th - and adding to it through the end of the year.  Featured categories include:

  • Women's Golf Apparel & Accessories
  • Women's Golf Equipment
  • Men's Golf Apparel, Accessories & Equipment
  • Golf Gadgets
  • Golf Gifts for Kids
  • Golf Gifts for Home & Garden 
  • Experiential Golf Gifts
  • Golf Books
  • Golf Tech

So check back next week... and visit regularly as the shopping season shifts into high gear.    


Watermelon Gazpacho - October's Excellent, Après Golf Tipple

With October firmly in its second half, the days are decidedly getting shorter.  Our New England foliage is beginning to feature some lively licks of color, and the morning chill no longer allows for a sleeveless stroll to the mailbox.  That the official end of summer is still several days off is of little solace to those lamenting the approach of winter.

I used to be one of those lamenters.  I'd get all gloomy at the first hint of fall; pumpkins depressed me... so did chrysanthemums and cornucopias. Especially cornucopias.  An irrational dread of what the winter might bring had left me unable to appreciate the unique awesomeness of fall.

It was a desire to extend the abbreviated Connecticut golf season that finally led me to stop sulking and embrace Autumn. Once I did, I found myself looking forward to this season on steamy summer days.  I now relish the last months of each year; for the spectacular changing colors, the cooler temperatures... and the less crowded golf courses.  There's also the prospect... once Autumn is well underway... of an Indian summer, bringing us a final taste of warmth before winter takes hold for good.   This endearing weather singularity is quite common in New England, and it's the inspiration behind a unique drink I developed for our annual fall golf classic.  It's a blend of the season's most delightful ingredients and the end result is both sweet and savory, just like the special season that inspired it: The Watermelon Gazpacho Cocktail    --> Get the Recipe.


Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For Golf Obsessed Women & Girls

DIY Halloween costume: Lady golfers of the 20s   Via Polyvore

There was a time, not long ago, when "sexy" seemed to have become a prerequisite on Halloween. 

Young ladies... and not-so-young ones... were choosing costumes consisting of little more than lingerie. The commercial Halloween costume industry had discovered that virtually any outfit could be made sexy by just paring down the clothing, while exaggerating the accessories. They took the concept well beyond it's early iterations; the French maid, the sexy nurse, the sexy pirate wench... to such unlikely subjects as the sexy goldfish and the sexy squirrel. There were even some sexy golfer costumes which we wrote about in detail several years ago. 

This year however, the whole "sexy" costume thing may not be quite so ubiquitous. The Donald Trump "scandal du jour" has focused the nation's attention on the objectification of women. Though this will probably be short-lived, the scrutiny may make sexy costumes awkward for both the wearer and the observer.  There's also the "Take Back Halloween" movement which has been encouraging female to select more "empowering" costumes this year, costumes that represent strong, successful women... figures from history and the world of sports. That brought to my mind the great lady golfers of the early 20th century; Glenna Collett, Alexa Stirling, Edith Cummings, Joyce Wethered. They were strong and their style was distinctive.
Channeling Glenna Collett on Halloween
The basic look is super easy look to replicate, requiring only a below the knee skirt, a white blouse with a high neckline and a cardigan or jacket. Finish with a pair of oxford or wingtip shoes and as a hat, a cloche or beret. Extra points if you can round up some old hickory sticks and/or a vintage golf bag. 

I found the pieces for the four looks above at various on-line stores

Pictured at left is my own version of the Golden Age Golfer costume from a couple of years ago, sourced entirely from our local thrift shop.  

It's a fun theme for Halloween, especially if you have a group, like we had that year. And it did feel empowering to dress like a historical golf champion. Unfortunately I didn't manage to channel any golf skills. Maybe this year.