European Economic Woes Turn Brothels into Golf Shops

There's an upside to the economic downturn.

Well, some will see it as an upside... others probably wont : It seems the brothel business is being hard hit by Europe's credit crunch.

Though selling sex has often been considered recession-proof, all over Europe red light districts are hurting as cash strapped customers cut back on the services of sex workers...resulting in working girl layoffs and brothel closures.

An article in The Age points out that Dubí, a picturesque hamlet in the Czech Republic, just over the German border, has seen the number of local brothels decline dramatically. "Now 40 brothels in town have shrunk to just four." reports journalist Allan Hall, "The others have turned into golf shops or goulash restaurants."

Golf shops??? More than a response to the slowing economy, it seems to me that some Europeans have simply replaced one form of discretionary spending with another, and chosen golf over sex, and I'm thinking this group must be the one that watches Letterman reruns.