Jun 7, 2007

Trouble Getting Sponsorships for the No. 1 Female Golfer?

Yes, World No. 1, Lorena Ochoa acknowledges that "...in the US it's hard (for her) to get a club deal that is worth it."

In another thought provolking post from Bulle Rock, Chris Baldwin suggests that in our current socio-political environment, where immigration has become an ultra-sensitive issue, Ochoa may suffer from being the wrong nationality, otherwise known as... "Dominating While Mexican".

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  1. Hmmm, I didn't even know she was the world number 1. Probably explains why she is having trouble getting sponsorship. Most manufactures will want to have somebody on the roster who generates publicity, even if she is number 1 if she isn't number 1 in the hearts of fans and the media her value for sponsorship will be low.

    Nolan M

  2. As I have mentioned before, most businesses do not know how to get an ROI out of sponsoring anyone in golf...Lorena is not the only one. Steve Elkington does not have any endorsements and is making a spectacle of it with have a bag made with huge blank spaces on the sides. Nolen is correct; most of the non-golfer marketing heads will only approve sponsorship to someone who produces the numbers they need to turn a profit on the money to pay these players to get their name out there. I don’t see it as been a political situation. I see it as golf being misunderstood in the “C” suites of corporate America...I am working hard to change that...give me a little time...I am making some headway.

  3. How many "non-golfer marketing heads" are there? I wouldn't think there would be too many of those animals out there.

  4. I think a calendar is method for marketing opportunities to present themselves ;)!

  5. Lorena should explore opportunites with Taco Bell, Chiplote, Qdoba, or Chevys (for the West Coast market). Ole!!

  6. Why couldn't she pursue contracts with BMW or Mercedes?


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