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  1. New golfer's resource for your consideration:

    Golf Drills In Your Bag

  2. There is some amazing Golf wear fashion that comes out of Japan, one in particular is Blue Crush, their website for ladies golf wear is : and also Mens golf wear : If anyone may be interested to market this label throughout Australia I have the Trademark for sale.

  3. Golf Girl, I too was at RANDALLS ISLAND golf center; today , in fact. Did not
    embarrass myself which a thrill before I realized no one was watching
    me. Be yourself and you can't go wrong.

    Carl "FROST FREE" Silverman

  4. Randalls Island is a golf jem in the center of NYC.

  5. Saw a great new apparel product on it was crappy golfer polos and hats.....nice stuff crappy golfer, i guess.
    we are all crappy golfers. LoL.


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