Jun 15, 2007

US Open Style File - Ian Poulter's Fabulous Footwear

Ian Poulter brought a little bit of awesome to Oakmont yesterday with his amazing red, white and blue golf shoes. He played quite an impressive first round too, spending much of the day at the top of the leaderboard with Nick Dougherty.

Well, today he sort of lost his footing golf-wise, struggling with the notoriously tough course. But happily, the colorful Englishman was still a shoe-in for best dressed..and best shod. Let's face it, Ian is a total, out-and-out style star, a golf fashion legend in his own time, and the fact that he frequently plays incredible golf is just icing on the (rather yummy) cake.


  1. I think I'll stick with my Footjoys.

  2. Ian is sort of yummy, but Nick Dougherty is even yummier. Are English guys getting cuter or what?

  3. Hi Patricia, who's your tip for the US Open?

  4. I'm hanging in with Vij...he's my fave player... and I have $$ at stake.


    How bout you Jeremy?

  5. Ian wore yellow today. Definitely wears it better than Sergio.

  6. Not the attire for the Scottish links golf we're playing at the moment - no Gortex at the open!?

    Dont write tiger off yet! The driver is out....

  7. Poulter loves the crazy outfits! Check out my blog if you get a chance morecredible.blogspot.com, i write on the weekends and talk golf since Im a golfer. I have linked to your page also!

  8. Speaking of US Open apparel, when did Tiger drop Nike for Under Armour. His Sunday red looked like something that Carl Lewis would wear running the 100 yd dash.

    Call me old fashion, but I'm a big fan of golf shirts with COLLARS.

    Come on Tiger, what happened to the days when you emulated Ben Hogan by buttoning your shirt up to the top?

  9. I'm a homo and I think Ian is the most flamboyant pillow biter I have ever seen.

    I especially love him in pink and I would love to see his other pink parts - yummy, boo ya!!!

  10. The red/white/blue shoes are probably Footjoy as I have a pair purchased last season. Red and blue patent/white grained leather.
    Ian's shoes are always awesome. I love a guy who wears what he wants, let others be the sparrows.
    He looks great in pink and carries it well. His pink and white wingtips are something I'd like!!!
    Hey, I'm a shoe guy too!


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