Golf Sluts Meet Golf Stooges - Halloween Foursomes

It's only two weeks till Halloween!

Yes, that quaint American holiday where the nation's young people dress up as ghosts and goblins Pimps and Hos and attend Halloween Parties Pimp & Ho Parties is right around the corner.

Many have complained in recent years about the increasing commercialization of Halloween (it's now a $5 billion business in the US) and many more have voiced objection to the increasing sleazeification of the spooky holiday... and, let's face it, to a great extent the traditional favorite costumes of the past, such as ghost, princess, astronaut and cowboy, have indeed been replaced by slightly more... salacious... options: zebra pimp, fallen angel, charm school dropout, and the like. ~ A reflection of our times, I suppose.

Anyway, we already have our costumes planned, they tie in with golf history, and I'll be writing more about that later, but in the meantime I thought I'd do a quick search for "golf costumes" and see what's out there for the average person who just wants to be a golfer on Halloween.

I found quite a variety of choices, and in the ladies category they definitely lean towards the lugubrious as you can see in the montage above. I put it together from a variety of costume sites and you can call them racy, slutty, naughty or fun but there's no denying it... these outfits are sexed-up... to the max.

The strange thing however, is that when it comes to the guy golfer's selection, there's nothing remotely racy available. In fact, all of the men's costumes seem to be inspired by the three stooges or outdated notions that golfers always look like dorks. (I have a friend who insists that guys find the Three Stooges sexy but I don't think I believe her).

Other male costumes have been "modernized". I found plenty of sexy policemen, and sexy cowboys and sexy football players, but I could find no sign of a sexy golfer, though I suppose maybe one could adapt this costume. Golf did originate in Scotland, right?

Anyway, I can only conclude that if the Golf Sluts meet up with the Golf Stooges on Halloween, the girls will surely have to give the guys a few extra strokes.