Sep 10, 2010

Saturday Eclectic - A Collection of Notable Golf Links

Interesting, under-reported golf stories or well-written renderings of the most talked about events.

Innovative or unusual products... provocative people... inviting places. Once a week...ish, I'll link you up with my discoveries, here at Tuesday Saturday Eclectic.

The Awesome Queen of Sports brought the Awesome Michelle Wie's new Kia commercial to my attention.

Lee Myring, a reader from the UK, introduced me to a foursome of Utah brothers who remember when a round golf cost 35 cents.

Ryo Ishikawa wins the 2010 Fujisankei Classic... defending his trophy in style.

Green Gossip site Ecorazzi is reporting that Justin Timberlake's Mirimichi Golf Course has reopened. And it's eco-friendlier than ever.

The PGA Tour's fashion insider, Man in the Black Hat interprets various elements of the Charlie Hoffman lookbook on the heels of the Hoff's impressive win at the Deutsche Bank Championship.

The latest golf sex scandal involving a No. 1 player, came to light recently. It involves David Smail in intimate photos with a woman who is not his wife. Mr. Smail BTW, is the No. 1 player in New Zealand.


  1. Gotta love JT. He's put a lot of money into that project and he's really setting an example for eco-friendly golf.

  2. Be on the lookout for a new product called BallGlide. The same technology used to reduce drag on airplanes is now available for golfers. FAA wind tunnel tests show a 14% reduction in drag allowing a straighter and longer flight. They offer money back guarantee if it doesnt add at least 15 extra yards to your drive. $14.95 is good for 4 dozen balls.
    Their site Golf Balls Go

  3. Every time I go golfing footzyrolls are a must! They are perfect to change into and don’t take space at all.


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