Oct 9, 2012

A Sweet Song About How Women Keep Men From Getting Better at Golf

golf with my lucky husband
"...I got a hopeless golf game, I like the sound of your name."

Generally speaking,  I'm not a fan of country music. Having grown up in New England before there was a Taylor Swift or a Carrie Underwood, I always tended to associate the genre with a twangy sound, syrupy lyrics and Achy, Breaky annoying-ness.  The  "country pop" subgenre was in its infancy; Shania still went by Eileen, Dottie West had just become Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers... well he was Kenny Rogers, but it just didn't resonate with me.

However, after the quixotic lyric above appeared in my twitter feed for the tenth time yesterday,  I did some research and discovered "A Woman Like You" by a man named Lee Brice.

It's a beautiful, charming song... ultra-country, and naively romantic. Basically, it describes the ways a guy might need to, um... change his behavior in order to be with the woman he loves. It also outlines some of the things he may have to give up; like deep sea fishing and drive-thru fried chicken, poker nights with the guys and an old green Nova.  Oh...and golf.  Yes, golf's in there too, but I'm guessing it can stay if the guy finds a girl who shares his passion.  Like my lucky husband did.

Mind you, the husband's golf game is still pretty hopeless.


  1. Love the song and the video, but I'd never ask a guy to give up golf, or even cut back on it.

  2. When you read about golf's declining numbers part of the blame is often attributed to "socialtal changes", and you frequently read something to the effect of "men are no longer free to spend full weekend days on the golf course... sometimes they even phrase it differently saying men are no longer allowed to spend full weekend days on the golf course. So it's easy to see where the song's coming from. And Ash, I definitely have the impression that you're a rare and wonderful woman. ;)

  3. so i guess a CIGAR is out of the question altogether ?

    i will say living among the rednecks here in davie fla, country western central, i have never seen a country western singer with a backdrop of high-rise apartments in an urban setting - big-wheel trucks, horses, rodeos, farms, mudholes, fishin holes, YES, but not high-rise buildings

    anyway.....to each his / her own


  4. Your husband is lucky for a whole lot more reasons than your love of golf beautiful lady! At one time, I was into country music quite a bit. I met quite a few of the beautiful ladies of country. I think a fair amount of them play golf. Vince Gill loves golf and I would think his wife Amy Grant does also.

  5. vince gill is a scratch golfer, but let's not forget willie nelson

  6. Hey Patricia, My wife Donna always smiles at me and grabs my hand when we hear Lee Brice singing "A Woman Like You."


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