Dec 25, 2012

Merry Christmas... and a Couple of Cute Finds for the Yuletide Golfer

The postcard at left was printed in Germany and mailed in Australia, but features a young lady golfer dressed in a distinctly Scottish style making it the epitome of a global golf greeting card, While the poem below was written by a father for his son and is the only one I've ever read that combines golf and Christmas.

Christmas Golf

Back in October a Christmas wish I made.
A brand new set of golf clubs before next year I played.
Then on Christmas morn, with my eyes I spied
An oblong box under the tree, with ribbon wrapped and tied.

I looked out the window and saw the ice and snow.
But in my heart I knew, a golfing I would go.
Now I'd need some special gear to play in these conditions.
So I loaded up my golf bag to start a new tradition.

A broom to sweep the greens and a hammer for the tees
And different colored balls for white I wouldn't see.
Arriving at the course, the ground was glistening white.
I wouldn't have to wait, a tee time was no plight.

I swept away a pile of snow and pounded in a tee.
Placed a colored ball atop it and swung away with glee.
My ball went soaring down the fairway and landed with a flop
Into a two foot snow drift (unplayable), take a drop.

My next shot went into the sand, a shot to truly dread.
Then all at once I spotted him, a man all dressed in red.
As I'm lining up my shot, it's Santa Claus I think,
When my ball flew in the hole, He looked at me and winked.

I knew these clubs were going to work, I'd just made a par.
Let's play one hole together before heading for your car.
To believe in Santa at sixteen, you might think it queer,
But it isn't very often you get to see reindeer.

A long par par three lay next, as we walked upon the tee.
There was no flag to aim for and the green I couldn't see
Don't worry said the man in red, I know what lies ahead.
Use your trusty five iron and aim it for my sled.

I'd like to thank you for these clubs, I wasn't sure that I would get.
He said your welcome son, but Christmas isn't over yet
I kept my head nice and still checked my stance and grip.
"Nice shot" said the bearded one, it's hanging on the lip.

It seems a shame, he must be blind, there's no ball upon the green
And I was disappointed because I'll stuck it crisp and clean
And now you know my story and no one would believe.
How I made my first hole in one with Santa there to see.

© Jeff Opperman -  Source: Christmas Golf, Christmas Poem 


  1. Merry Christmas Patricia & best wishes for the New Year!

  2. I hope your holidays were Merry and Bright.

  3. love your blog!! Merry Christmas Patricia xoxo

  4. EXCERPTED FROM.............The Golf Journal Archives - Aberdovey: In Search of Darwin = Feb 24, 2012 = A visit to “the best-kept village in Wales” brings memories of Bernard Darwin, most respected among golf writers, and a trek around the course he loved best. = By James Finegan = (Note: This article originally appeared in the January/February 1992 issue of Golf Journal.)

    .........In 1909, in an attempt to raise money, a “Warm Winter Meeting” was advertised for the Christmas holidays. Colonel Edward Ruck, then secretary of the club, had come up with this novel notion, even advertising it in India as ideal for people coming home on leave from that semi-tropical climate. Standing squarely beside the colonel was a Miss Crewe, who, as it happened, ran the neighboring Trefeddian Hotel. The concept, however, was not warmly greeted by the marketplace.....

    YUP once you play golf in a mild climate it's impossible to go back to the cold


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