Jan 8, 2013

Talented Twelve-Year-Old Steals The Show in Dubai's Golf Citizen Open

Kim Chiang - Photo via Emirates 24/7
The 2013 golf season is just getting underway;  however, an unassuming but ultra-talented young golfer is already grabbing headlines.

Her name is Kim Chiang and yesterday she won her division at Golf in Dubai's inaugural Golf Citizen Open... at age... 12. This champion is ultra - young.

The tournament took place this past weekend at Arabian Ranches Golf Club.  A distributed photo shows the precocious player flanked by Edoardo Galeppini, winner of the tournament's men's section, and Adrian Flaherty, the club's golf manager.  Though the men each appear to be a couple of feet taller than Chiang, she doesn't appear out-of-place or intimidated in any way, but rather brimming with confidence and pride... and it's no wonder, more that a year ago at the same venue, an eleven-year-old Kim Chiang won the club's Dougherty trophy in a formidable fashion.

Though she may still be smaller than most of her fellow competitors, one can be quite certain this talented twelve-year-old is already inspiring many golfers, young and old, in big ways.

The Golf Citizen Open is part of Golf in Dubai's effort to promote golfcitizen.com a comprehensive worldwide golf reservation site.


  1. I always worry about pressure to excel in sports beint put on very young kids, but this young lady certainly looks happy to be where she is.

  2. There's a kid at our driving range with the most pure, powerful consistant swing I've ever seen. He's there every time I go, and I'm sure he can't be more than 6 or 7! I've got to admit I try to stay as far from him as possible but once I was stuck in the stall behind his and I swear I almost gave up the game in frustration.


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