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Golf Girl's Little Tartan Book is all about attitude.

I wrote it because I kept meeting women... all kinds of women... who wanted to play golf, but wouldn't.

Some shied away because they felt it would be too hard to learn. Others had had taken lessons (for months/years) but decided they just weren't good enough to take their game out onto the course... and some who had hit the fairways had not been well received by the Golf Guys they encountered.

I found this crazy. Especially since many of these women played much better than I did. So why hadn't I encountered such... barriers?

I thought about it, and I finally figured it out. And yes, it came down to attitude... and confidence. That's when I started writing my book and found myself advising these reluctant women to just play like girls. That, I maintain, is the way for a hesitant woman to excel at golf. And... every bit as important... to have a lot of fun doing so.

My Little Tartan Book has been called a "witty and world-wise departure from the vast shelf of oh-so-predictable instructional guides". And it's true, I don’t focus on technique, not for now. I talk about attitude, and I demonstrate how a female can use "female characteristics" to her distinct advantage on the course.

From teeing off (red tees are awesome) to getting teed off (don’t be timid about throwing the occasional tantrum), from my own experiences, I've collected a ton of useful information for any woman intent on securing membership in the “boys’ club” called golf.

You'll find it all in my Little Tartan Book.