Aug 24, 2009

Notes From A Golf Adventure in Greece - Part I

Where I am right now - in the Athens suburb of Philothei - things are quite normal now; parents are pushing prams to the park and tourists are making dinner plans. It's a typical mid-August evening in the Greek capital.

There was a whole different scene going on over the weekend though, a fairly stressful one. In a number of Athenian suburbs, just beyond the hills surrounding the city, massive forest fires raged.

Fortunately the worst appears to be over for this part of Greece, with no loss of life. A lot of homes were lost though, and thousands were evacuated. My thoughts go out to them as they pick up the pieces.

Despite the smokey air in many sections of the city, the seaside community of Glyfada remained fairly untouched. There was just a slight haze, as evidenced in the photo below. This allowed us to hit the fairways and greens of the Glyfada Golf Club on both Saturday and Sunday. I'll be telling you about my experiences on this fun, friendly course and some of it's unusual features later this week. For now though I'm heading out to the Island of Crete to experience two reputedly delightful golf venues.

My first stop will be Crete Golf Club, the island's first 18 hole course. From what I've heard, it's quite challenging and features some amazing views and impressive terrain.

Then I'll head to the Porto Elounda Resort, for golf at Porto Elounda Golf Club . It too sounds awesome, I'm quite sure I'll need to investigate the resort's Six Senses Spa after my rigorous round after all it's been described as the best on-site spa in the world by many.

Greece is a country on the verge of a major golf tourism transformation, with a major resort in the Peloponese region set to open in the Spring, so it's great to get to see some of the resorts and courses that'll play into this sun-soaked country's golf future.

Stop back for more Golf in Greece in the days to come.

Photos by Golf Girl Media ❀  Το Γκολφ στην Ελλάδα, Greek Golf Tourism


  1. sounds like a great trip

    are they making any progress on the big fire to the south ?

  2. Looks like a lovely course. Are those cedar trees?...Have fun!

  3. Jealous doesn't even begin to describe it. I'm shopping for the kids' school supplies and meeting new teachers and you are golfing in Greece. UGGGGHHHH!

    Can't wait to hear more...really I can't! ;o)

  4. Golf in Greece sounds so romantic and exciting and something I need to do one day! Thanks for sharing!

  5. It seems strange to me that golf isn't more developed in Greece. They don't promote it at all. Less than Turkey or even Cyprus. Why's that?

  6. I need a new job - golfing in Greece sounds much better than excel spreadsheets and pivot tables.

  7. I too love golf and my wife's name is Patricia, so I believe we are psychically If you think REAL HARD and I think REAL HARD, I believe I will be teleported to Greece to play golf with you.

    OK, Lets begin....

    Hey, are you thinking REAL HARD???

    I am

    Oh, Oh...too hard, I need some ibuprofen!!!!!!


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