Nov 12, 2010

Sergio Garcia - A Bogey Free Round & A Beautiful New Girlfriend

Sergio is smiling again  ... and it's the exuberant, unrestrained smile we haven't seen on Señor Garcia for well over a year.

But, it was clearly back today at the The Australian Masters.  So much so that all my Aussie friends were talking about it. ~ They were also talking about his bogey-free round... and his gorgeous new girlfriend.

Round One... it has to be said... wasn't a great one for El Nino.  To the extent that, immediately after it, my friend Imre wrote, "the most excitement Sergio Garcia (+4) generated centered on his girlfriend, who strolled the fairways"

Well yes, as you can imagine, I was extremely mildly curious.   So I started looking around.  Before I got too far however, another friend, David Williams from Willow Golf, sent me some photos he'd taken, including the one at left... which certainly qualifies as cute.

I haven't found any additional details on the beautiful brunette yet, however as soon as I do I'll share them with you, and in the mean time, you can find another photo or two of her, in a more formal setting here.

Meanwhile Sergio's bogey-free 6-under 65... in brutal, ultra-windy conditions... was his lowest score this year and has him in contention as the weekend begins.

It alsp indicates to me that this sexy new "partner" may be just what the struggling Spaniard needed.


  1. It would be great to see Sergio playing well again. He's got a huge fan base who want's to see him live up to his potential.

  2. I always though Sergio was overrated. The girlfriend IS gorgeous though. ;)

  3. .

    i think i've seen her here in SOBE with charley barkleys' posse

    "a hanger-on who is close to her expiration date" according to an unnamed source (semaj nonnahs)

    BTW pillow talk is not admissable

    ftliquordale so FLA

  4. It wouldn't surprise me if Frank's source was right about that. After all Sergio is Sergio... one good round don't change that.

  5. Lucky her, lucky him. They're both muy caliente. Which I believe is the correct way to say very hot.

  6. .

    you would think that after the tiger thing these girls would be more discreet but here in SOBE it's an absolute feeding fenzy

    and now with lebron in town, and remember, he did cite SOBE as a reason for coming to miami, it's a rumble

    mud fight anyone ?

    the one aphrodisiac that is absolutely irresistable to some here is the attraction of a certain lifestyle

    the kardashians are senior citizens down here compared to some of these kids and, yes, mother nature still prevails as the uber-sculpturer, despite the plastics industry's best efforts to produce synthetic beauty

    anyway, cheers !

    ftliquordale soFLA

  7. I never thought you'd let that happen Patricia. ;)

  8. As Frank noted, Sergio's new girl seems more Kardashianspired than his previous ladies. Who knows maybe that'll work for him.

  9. That sword can cut both ways! While she may help him enjoy life a bit, he may not become focused enough to do what it takes to win golf tournaments.

    Bottom line for Sergio though is he needs to learn how to putt.

  10. please, can you give me some information about this girl?
    when was the pic taken and where?
    do you know her name and her occupation?
    thank you very much


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