Sergio Garcia - A Bogey Free Round & A Beautiful New Girlfriend

Sergio is smiling again  ... and it's the exuberant, unrestrained smile we haven't seen on Señor Garcia for well over a year.

But, it was clearly back today at the The Australian Masters.  So much so that all my Aussie friends were talking about it. ~ They were also talking about his bogey-free round... and his gorgeous new girlfriend.

Round One... it has to be said... wasn't a great one for El Nino.  To the extent that, immediately after it, my friend Imre wrote, "the most excitement Sergio Garcia (+4) generated centered on his girlfriend, who strolled the fairways"

Well yes, as you can imagine, I was extremely mildly curious.   So I started looking around.  Before I got too far however, another friend, David Williams from Willow Golf, sent me some photos he'd taken, including the one at left... which certainly qualifies as cute.

I haven't found any additional details on the beautiful brunette yet, however as soon as I do I'll share them with you, and in the mean time, you can find another photo or two of her, in a more formal setting here.

Meanwhile Sergio's bogey-free 6-under 65... in brutal, ultra-windy conditions... was his lowest score this year and has him in contention as the weekend begins.

It alsp indicates to me that this sexy new "partner" may be just what the struggling Spaniard needed.