Apr 9, 2013

Women in Green Jackets - How to Master an Augusta-Inspired Look

A couple of days ago, AP golf writer Doug Ferguson posted one of the first photos of Condoleezza Rice in her green jacket. The accompanying tweet read, "Condi looking rather dapper in green."

I don't think there are many women out there... and correct me if I'm wrong... who'd take kindly to being called dapper. To me it's a word you'd use to a describe stylish elderly gentleman, and quite frankly the basic green jacket that corresponds to Augusta National and the Masters IS somewhat boxy and quite masculine looking.

That said, there are many other ways to wear a green jacket, and with a bit of inspiration from Pinterest and Tumbler you'll be on your way to one of this year's hottest trends: the color green. Yes,  Pantone's color of the year for 2013 just happens to be Emerald 17-5641.


  1. since there are forty shades of GREEN, i suppose there might be just as many opinions

    however taking JUST the color in mind is missing the point = the jacket itself represents something

    just as if a girly-girl wears a military uniform for fashion the look will be out of place unless the said girly-girl is a dominatrix commanding authority

    condi rice has the gravitas to wear such an august meaning apparel in ANY colored cloth = period = and could have stopped osama bin laden in his tracks (had darth vader not convinced the decider to ignore everyone including chief waepons inspector hans blix) = imagine IF she had the master jacket in early 2001 !

    anyway the real problem with a GREEN jacket is what color PANTs to wear

    just saying


  2. That's a very good point Frank when I saw the pictures of Condi I though it was a shame she chose to wear Khakis because that's what made the outfit look dowdy, but then what WOULD one wear? most of the women in the photos are wearing jeans, and I'm pretty sure that wouldn't go over to well at Augusta National. Maybe a black watch tartan?

  3. Tartan, yes!

    This is what I'd wear if I were ever to aquire a green jacket If I do it probably won't be happening at Augusta National so I don't have to worry about dress code details. http://www.etsy.com/listing/79569367/blue-green-plaid-shorts-womens-pants

  4. I don't think I ever heard the word dapper used to describe a woman! Handsome, yes, and I wouldn't like to described that way either. If used to describe a woman both terms, in my opinion, would imply something distinctly masculine and a most likely past it's prime. Condi Rice is neither of those.

  5. so a woman could be DOWDY but not DAPPER i would say BONNIE (Barrow) looked DAPPER or was she a FLAPPER ?

    i saw the TARTAN spork like pants and i think the GREEN part of the plain has to match the jacket - no ?.....or else to me anyhow it looks like a camoflauge outfit.........which BTW is something DR alistair learned (boar war) to use to make golf course designs interesting

    see men can wear all sort of funny (read pink whale) designed pants with the GREEN jacket since they are gonna get drunk anyhow BUT women will be mediasized by non-golfers like the bitch that wears parada AND HEY ALL Y"ALL now see what you started.........augusta has to tuck in its shirt, the fashion police are lurking.........you want the TRUTH (you know how that one ends)

    just sayin



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