A Timely Auction of Masters Memorabilia and Vintage Golf Collectibles

The month of March is on the wane and Masters week is fast approaching.  A select group of golf fans will soon be heading to Augusta, while many others look forward to viewing parties and local Masters events... or maybe just a relaxing weekend on the couch, taking in televised views of lush green fairways and trying out the occasional introspective Jim Nantz impression.

The social networks are alive with Masters chatter as final plans are being made, and desperate fans look for a last minute ticket... or two.  And with all this anticipation of the imminent April orgy of azaleas and undulating greens, the timing is perfectly optimal for a golf auction.

As specialists in the authentication, appraisal and auctioning of golf antiques and collectibles this would clearly be a moment for Green Jacket Auctions to shine, and to that end an auction of amazing golf memorabilia went live there yesterday and will run through April 11.

Just a few of the fabulous... and curious... items on the block in the current Green Jacket Auction are: an original Augusta National club member's green jacket, rare Masters programs from golf's golden age and a selection of highly collectible, multi-chromatic Masters Badges... the ones that sometimes festoon the hats of longtime patrons.

Several months ago I wrote about Green Jacket Auctions in reference to a whimsical tee marker I missed out on. This time I have my eye on something which I will not name (why draw attention/competition to my coveted... item) suffice to say it will be perfect in my garden, and I intend to win it.

I'll definitely be keeping up with the bidding from Augusta, where I'll be spending a few days. I've just got to remember not to let any old golf tournaments distract me too much.

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