My Lady's Putt - An Antique Infographic Evokes Publishing's Past

While The Babe may not have approved, I'm quite sure "My Lady's Putt", the humorous illustration at left, provoked ample amusement in 1930, when it was published in Punch magazine's yearly Almanac.

After all, Punch was the era's go-to source for sophisticated satirical humor, and competitive golf for women was still in its infancy.

The illustration is comprised of a series of whimsical golf drawings by Frank Reynolds - a British artist who often focused on golf - and each sketch features an individual woman and her own... um... unique putting style.

One woman holds a cigarette in one hand while casually putting with the other, another more determined lady, reads her putts on the ground, spidermanwoman style.  Golf fashions of the day are illustrated along with the idiosyncratic putting strokes.

One can easily imagine the laughter, as upper class men passed the popular magazine around in the cloistered drawing rooms of London's venerable gentlemen's clubs.
Though many of those men probably recognized their own putting style somewhere in the illustration, that wouldn't have been discussed in those staid, segregated bastions.

Golf Embraces "Greenery", PANTONE Color Of Year for 2017

"Greenery" Plays Golf - with products from Golf4HerBobby Jones Apparel, Fila, Loudmouth Golf, Blingo Ballmarks, Ame & Lulu, GloveIt, Just4Golf, Henry & Magda - - - TheGolfGirl via Polyvore

Let's face it, on many levels, 2016 has been a less than stellar year.  I know it's not just me because I've heard it from all over. Some have even called 2016, "the worst year in history", and made a pretty good case for the designation.  I just know I'm ready for it to be over, and I'm looking forward to great things for 2017. 

Well so far, so good, because the 2017 "Color of the Year" has been revealed by color authority PANTONE, and it's a good one. They call it "greenery". An appropriate name for a shade that invokes flourishing foliage and lush landscapes. Greenery is a not emerald or jade, but something softer; that exact spot where minty meets lime. It's something totally natural. Like the fairways and greens where we love to play. 

Golf Gifts For Women - Equipment


Golf Girl's List: Holiday Golf Gifts for Kids

When it comes to holiday gift giving, it's often the young'uns who take priority (lucky them), and with that in mind we present our hand-picked selection of golf gifts for kids.  

We've chosen a variety of products, from golf apparel and accessories, to golf-inspired toys and games. Included are gift ideas for the young... and the very young... from some of our favorite companies.

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Today, The Pent-Up Demand For Tiger Woods In Action, Has An Outlet

Tiger Woods & The Adorable Tiger Trophy Robert Laberge/Getty Images 
For a while it seemed the golf world had reconciled itself to life without Tiger Woods.  Some were even saying the sport was better without him. After all, the game has a host of charismatic, young stars with massive talents and compelling personalities, so why dwell on the days when one man so dominated the fairways that the extraordinary exploits of others were all but overlooked?  

There was, in fact, a pragmatic acceptance among avid fans, that golf had entered the post-Tiger era. Some such fans appeared to move on without regret, convincing themselves that this stable of emerging stars would fill the void left by the one who once ruled. 

Meanwhile, despite the weekly appearance of deep and accomplished fields, it seems that even avid fans were left with an unrequited longing for what once was. As for casual fans... many of them lost interest altogether. 

So, The tsunami of excitement that's currently inundating the golf spaces on social media should come as no surprise. As Tiger Woods prepares to tee off for the first time in way too long, it's clear that the pent up demand for him is very real. 

How to watch Tiger Woods live at Hero World Challenge: Live stream, TV channel, tee time

Great Golf Gifts for Home & Garden

Holiday Gifts for Golfers

9.Golfer Clock, $69.95 -
10.Golf Garden Thermometor, $46.95 -

Do you have friends whose passion for golf totally transcends the fairways?

You know the ones, they long to live the game...24/7! So much so that they want to bring golf right into their homes and cohabitate with it.

And as such, they'll probably love our list of golf home & garden gifts.

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How To Find The Perfect Holiday Gift For A Golf Collector

These days there's a massive nostalgia for the 20th century.  As a result, idiosyncratic old objects are reemerging from attics and basements.  Vintage artifacts from decades past are being coveted by collectors, and sought after by those seeking to reconnect with what now seems a simpler time.

Golf, in a sense, came of age in the 20th century, and as a result it's not difficult to find a diverse array of fascinating items from the game's past.  Whether or not you'd ever want to bring them into your home, it can be comforting to know they're out there. And for those who are so inclined, golf collectibles can be quite accessible.  

If you have golf collectors on your holiday gift list, now's the time to start hunting. Begin with Etsy or Ebay, and take it from there. Check out my To 10 vintage golf gift finds HERE.