Golf in Living Coral: On Course in the 2019 Color of the Year

Expect The Warm Blush Of "Living Coral" To Brighten Golf Fashion In 2019  

It's a paradoxical color... one that somehow seems both modern and old fashioned... vibrant but soothing. 

They call this enigmatic and uplifting shade "Living Coral" and it's been chosen Color of the Year for 2019That means we'll be seeing it just about everywhere before long, and that probably includes your local golf course.

Fashion forward golfers can get a head start on this color trend with a myriad of clothing and accessory options... available right now... from a variety of golf brands.

My selection (above) includes styles from Daily Sports USA , Chase54 , GloveIt , Canoos , Just4Golf ... to name just a few, and I found them all at Golf4Her

So, be the first in your foursome to hit the fairways in Living Coral... it's a good bet you won't be the last.