A Women's Golf Wear Preview: Bobby Jones® Apparel, Clover Collection

Spring is in the air... and on the golf course... with the Bobby Jones Apparel Clover Collection for women.

Springtime is all about renewal. 

As the monochromatic winter wanes, we seek out color. In our homes, at work or on the golf course, when we think Spring, we tend to take our cues from nature. The acid greens of the season's first foliage and the bright hues of our favorite solstitial flowers. 

I've got to admit, the first thing that attracted me to Bobby Jones Apparel's 2016 Clover Collection for women were the colors... as pure and fresh as the nascent Spring. Functionality, was a close second. 

When it comes to golf apparel, functionality can make a marked difference: Strategically placed pockets, with non-slip zipper pulls and innovative, multi-tasking textile blends... how about polos with single-button closures and adjustable sleeves. These are some of the functional features that impressed me in the Bobby Jones Golf Apparel pieces I tested. They ensured maximum comfort, while adding adaptability and ease of use.

Then there are the intangibles. What a brand represents is a subtle but significant part of how it feels, and Bobby Jones Apparel is a legacy brand if ever there was one. Inspired by the golden age golf legend, known for his style, grace, humor and humility. 

Born on Saint Patrick's Day in 1902, Bobby Jones remains the only player in history to win the Grand Slam, and in the women's golf apparel collection, Clover by Bobby Jones, his legacy is represented by the four-leaf clover charm that Jones consistently carried with him. 

A nod to that lucky talisman can be found in understated clover accents -embroidered and embossed - throughout the collection. There's even a small four-leaf clover seal on each Clover collection hang tag. I've decided to use one of these as my own good luck charm this season. 

Initial Impressions

The golf season hasn't officially gotten underway here in CT, however some area courses have opened their fairways to impatient players, and a couple of days ago I grabbed my favorite golf partner - who also happens to be my twin - and we headed over to one such course to play a few pre-season holes. 

Though our golf skills were decidedly rusty... and the course not quite ready for primetime... our initial impressions of the Clover Collection were resoundingly positive. The fabric blends favor flexibility without sacrificing fit, and each piece we tested features distinctive styling details that set the line apart. Cathleen and I have agreed to play a full round in our Bobby Jones apparel next month and at that time we'll share a detailed review. As you may have guessed, we're looking very much forward to it. 

Women's Mitered Cable V-Neck Sweater in Cornflower *  Women's Supreme Cotton Polo in Amethyst
* Tech Burnout Hoodie in Green Apple * Sleeveless Tech Lace-Panel Polo in Melon * Tech Burnout Skort in Geranium

In the meantime check out Clover by Bobby Jones. The collection can be found at the finest golf clubs and resorts and on line at at . 


That Magical Place Where March Madness Meets Golf Fashion

March Madness at the golf range

If you're not that into college basketball, and brackets just leave you baffled... or broke... this probably isn't your favorite time of year.

The fact is, March Madness can be extremely annoying for those who don't partake. For two weeks, you find everything from your local sports bars to your social media feeds overrun by legions of loudmouthed basketball people. They're often disgruntled and endlessly lament their ill-fated picks.

For golfers however, there's a bright side to these gray, late-winter days, and it can be found at your local driving range or golf practice center. Because... coincidentally... the perfect time to get your game in gear just happens to be the ideal moment to to enjoy relative solitude at the range. With many of the most egregious, self-appointed, swing critics otherwise occupied, an aspiring golfer can finally practice in peace.

To that end... and with a playful retro hoops nod to the bracket obsessed masses... I've styled the perfect outfit for ladies who wish to spend March Madness at the golf range and it's centered on the Women's Nike Blazer golf shoe. Created for LPGA champion Michelle Wie and inspired by basketball great George "the iceman" Grevin, this hybrid hightop is both functional and fashion forward.  It comes in several colors, but I chose the girly/badass hot pink/camo version and paired it with an Under Armour hoodie, camo leggings and a Bridgestone cap.

So there you have it, from Selection Sunday through the Final Four, you too can use March Madness to improve your golf skills, and with a bit of creativity, you can do it in style.


TEEBOX - Portable Power Source Keeps Golfers Fully Charged & Focused

Teebox - the golf accessory product that keeps you in charge... whether you walk or ride. Now on Kickstarter.

Golf, more than most sports, is a game of focus and concentration; a stray thought or minor distraction can easily sabotage a stellar round.

Whether you're on the cusp of clinching the club championship, or playing a casual nine with friends, it's always advantageous to eliminate those elements that take your mind off the task at hand... and for today's golfers there are many such elements.  Take, for example, technology: though we have a myriad of innovative apps... GPS range finders, game trackers and scorecards... easily accessible on our phones and devices, the challenges of keeping them charged adds a layer of distraction no golfer needs.

That's were Teebox comes in. Now available for funding on Kickstarter, this sleek golf accessory product serves as your golf organizer & portable phone charging station. Whether you're driving a cart or walking the course, Teebox keeps you powered up and focused. The thing is, it sits perfectly in your cart cubbies, but also fits easily in your bag... or in the basket of your push cart.  Pockets for golf tees and divot repair tools... snacks, sunscreen, cigars and more... means no fishing around in your bag wasting time and focus.  Best of all, this awesome golf organizer has a built in phone charging station. And its portable, so you can keep your device powered up no matter how you want to play... walking, pulling or riding (gas or electric). It's great for the range as well. 

There are tons of golf accessories out there but this really resonates with me. You see, I play with a variety of golfers, but whether it's the competitive ladies league or my husband and his hacker friends, our golf carts always seem to become a confusing jumble of... stuff.  Very distracting. Then there was the time my phone found itself on the receiving end of an extra spicy Bloody Mary. Not good. 

The Teebox will keep your cart cubbies under control and your devices high and dry... and fully charged, without fuss.   Have a look at Teebox in action on their Kickstarter video below and visit the Teebox Kickstarter page to support this fun project. I think you'll agree, it's a simple solution whose time has come.


National Hat Day, An Occasion to Celebrate A Golf Fashion Accessory

It's one of those days... again. A "national" day most of us never knew existed, celebrating something most of us would never have thought to celebrate.

Today is National Hat Day, and I must admit it took me by surprise this morning even though I've spent more than a decade in a town known as Hat City.  Yes, Danbury, CT was the hat making capital of the world for the first half of the 20th century, when hats...for both men and women... were de rigueur, As fashions changed, the industry declined, and these days hatting is just a memory in Danbury, Nonetheless, it remains a proud part of the city's identity.

Once I was reminded of today's special significance, talk of it got me thinking of golf hats. The ubiquitous billed ball cap pretty much dominates the fairways these days, however "golf hats" actually have a rich history, and there are contemporary golfers... both professional and amateur... who manage to buck the billed cap trend and make distinctive style statements with their on-course headgear.

Consider the case of Vicky Hurst. The popular LPGA player began wearing a flat newsboy cap as a tribute to Payne Stewart and is now widely known for the distinctive style. There there's Michelle McGann; the seven-time LPGA Tour winner often wears wide brim straw hats and has become so indelibly associated with the style that fans sometimes complain when she switches to a billed cap... which she does on rainy/windy days.  The oversize straw sun visor is a style many associate with glamorous, Australian golfer/model/MBA Candidate Anna Rawson. It's an ultra-feminine style and definitely wouldn't work for everyone but the beautiful Aussie certainly wears it well.

The guys, of course, have some their own golf hat heroes: Kirk Triplett has multiple wins on both the PGA and Champions Tours and is universally known as the "Man in The Bucket Hat", while Greg Norman's signature straw hat is as much a part of his image as the shark embroidered on its band. Jesper Parnevik had his heyday in the early 2000's and spent 38 weeks in the top 10, but is probably better know for his sartorial eccentricities which include an odd upturned-bill baseball cap and the occasional porkpie.

I'm quite sure the baseball-style billed golf cap will continue to rule for the foreseeable future, but hopefully there'll always be a few golfers willing to take stylistic risks and commit to a unique personal style...and an unconventional lid.


Golf Fashion Inspired by Rose Quartz & Serenity, 2016 Color(s) Of The Year,

2016 Color(s) of the Year - A Perfect Pairing for Golf Fashion

A change is in the air... one that'll be seen in golf shops and on golf courses as the new year gets underway.

A couple of days ago, PANTONE, the world renown authority on color, announced the 2016 Color of the Year. Their choice took many by surprise... on a couple of levels.  After several seasons of decidedly assertive tones, PANTONE has chosen not one, but two rather sedate shades as the year's chosen color... or should I say colors.  They're "Rose Quartz", a pale shade of pink and "Serenity", a baby-ish blue. Each is pretty on their own, but the two together bring to mind something like... a nursery for designer twins.

The winning colors are based on PANTONE's yearly poll of designers and manufacturers, and in principle, we can expect to see them with some frequency in upcoming collections of apparel, accessories and home decor. The response to these two sugary shades from the fashion and home decor press, has been somewhat skeptical. Though it's been suggested the colors are calming. I suppose that's a good thing.

Looking at Rose Quartz and Serenity in terms of ladies golf apparel and accessories, i believe that for segments of the golf population, they'll present a welcome return to the feminine women's golf fashion of the past.

Golf Fashion Inspired by  the 2016 Color(s) of the Year
Golf Fashion Inspired by the 2016 Color(s) of the Year by thegolfgirl 
Information on all of the above items can be found -> HERE


Golf Collectors - Preserving the Treasures & Traditions of the Game

"Golf House"  Danbury, CT - December 2012   photo: © Golf Girl Media

As the final days of 2015 fly by, I suppose it's natural to reflect on the passage of time.

That's what we've been doing of late, and it's inspired us to look a bit more closely at history.  And, the fact that we live in a historic home... in a town that was settled in 1685... means we don't have to look too far to find it.

Truth be told, we've done quite a bit of research on the history of our Victorian house... and the venerable Danbury, CT neighborhood that surrounds it... and we've discovered a fortuitous connection to our favorite obsession: golf.

Built by Scottish immigrants John and David Mclean in the1880s, for almost four decades the stately Queen Anne structure we've lived in for over 15 years was home to another Scotsman, George Ferrier, who arrived in the US to promote golf equipment, made his way to Danbury, and in the early 20's became the golf pro at the town's new and burgeoning Ridgewood Country Club.  The dapper Scott married John McClean's daughter, Christine, in 1925 in a wedding that took place right here in the home her Father had built.  The newlyweds moved into the house and spent the rest of their lives here. George officially retired from Ridgewood in 1958 but remained active in golf in Danbury and became involved nationally with the PGA Seniors and as part of the Ryder Cup Committee.

What I've come to believe as I've explored historical archives, read old articles and spoken at length to a couple of Danbury's golf-obsessed octogenarians, is that despite the often well-deserved depictions of an elitist and exclusionary past and there are many things about the history of golf... and the people involved with it... that are interesting, inspiring and... well... awesome, to use the overwrought verbiage of today.

In the coming year, I hope to add to my nascent collection of golf memorabilia.  For inspiration, I'm happily curating virtual collections of the some of cute golf collectibles I come across. These charming golf pin markers are my current favorites:

Cast iron crow,  iron and metal heart shapes, metal putting green pins, and a logo illustration featuring Merion Golf Club's distinctive basket pins ...which will welcome players and guests to the 2013 US Open.


Golf Fashion : On Course & On-Trend With A Must-Have Accessory

I fell in love with scarves in the waning years of the 20th century when I lived, for a time, in Paris.

Newly married, implausibly young and with neither school nor work to occupy my days, I did a vast amount of urban wandering.  I learned the streets and subways... down to the tiniest ruelle and most minor metro station... and developed an intimate acquaintance with some of the world's greatest museums and most iconic monuments.

Then there were the shops; les boutiques.  Because along with its world class cultural attractions and elegant beaux arts architecture, Paris offers a vast array of retail outlets. From the grandes magasins... massive and elegant department stores where one can find almost anything ... to the myriad of idiosyncratic little shops that provide singular items and unique oddities.

Ironically, I feel like I learned almost as much about French culture from my regular rounds of leche vitrine... window shopping... as I did from my many hours in the museums. As it happened, our Paris apartment was conveniently located just a stones throw from Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré, which made for regular walks along what is arguably the most prestigious shopping street in the world... and at No.24 was Hermés, the rarefied French luxury firm whose Birkin bags and Kelly totes sell for tens of thousands of dollars. Though the bags and the bracelets were beautiful what captivated me were the scarves. Their sumptuous colors and intricate designs were featured in opulent window displays that, to my mind, were as seductive as anything I'd seen in that very seductive city. My obsession with scarves... particularly the carre de soie that Hermes is so well known for, but also other kinds.... was launched.

On the streets of the French capital I observed an impressive variety of scarf tying techniques... few of which I was able to replicate with my own, as yet, modest collection of echarpes and foulards.  Nonetheless, I continued to build my collection whenever the opportunity presented itself, with a precious silk square or a more casual cache-col.  By the time I returned to the US in the early 2000s, I had several dozen... and my styling skills were improving.  When I took up golf, later in the decade, my scarf collection allowed my to add a personal touch to my outfits while providing strategic sun protection in summer and warmth as temperatures descended. 

Recently the scarf has come into its own. They're coveted by fashionistas everywhere, and thanks to a plethora of scarf-tying tutorials and apps, even those who've never worn one can create a multitude of stylish scarf looks. If you want to add a scarves to your golf outfits and need some inspiration check out my Golf Scarf Styling Pinterest Board. 

What I'm looking for these days are vintage, golf-themed scarves.  I've found quite a few online. Some like the gorgeous Hermes Swing scarf are not quite within my budget but others are amazingly affordable.  I've acquired several recently and will share their stories in an upcoming post. ~ PMH