A Rather Satisfying Weekend of Varied Golf Experiences - Friday

The weekend began immediately after work on Friday, when all weekends should begin. At 5:02 I slammed shut the door to my office and striped off my work clothes, replacing a sexy, form-fitting business suit with sexy form-fitting golf clothes. (I definitely have a personal style that I maintain in all circumstances). I got to Ridgewood before 5:30 and met Steve on the practice range. The weather was perfect
end-of-summer; squarely between balmy and brisk. I bravely started out with an iron (7) and within a couple of minutes Steve was able to show me why I had been having so little success on the fairways. Seems I was way bent over... to the extent that my arms couldn't possibly get straight. Yes I know, it seems obvious, but somehow I never realized it. Once this posture problem was corrected I found myself able to hit just fine with that 7 and felt confident that all my irons would be nicer to me now. Later Steve showed me how to hit with a fairway wood,which I had always avoided in the past but now feel could really help me out. By the time I got to hitting a couple shots with my driver, everything was flowing very smoothly, I was consistently hitting them long and solid and I felt really good. (Keep in mind this is in the context of my golf ... and I just started playing in April, remember). So by my standards it was a really good lesson and in the end I was looking forward to playing with Nick the following day.TBC