A Rather Satisfying Weekend of Varied Golf Experiences - Sunday

It was supposed to rain but didn't. Well, maybe for five minutes, but the rest of the day was fine. We got up kind of late and watched snippets of the Ryder Cup throughout the morning. It was pretty amazing. So many implausible, beautiful shots. Later we went to the Hilltop for lunch with Sulay , Jill and the girls. Then when we got back
home we watched the Europeans celebrating and lots and lots of highlights. I think this article sums up the US vs Europe attitude to golf (and to pretty much everything). It seems to me that we Americans are just more into our own personal happiness and less into a greater societal happiness than Europeans are. Three years in France and a French husband taught me that. In any case I really enjoyed watching all that good golf...loved the back stories of course too. It made for a memorable end to this satisfying golf weekend.