A Crooked Golf Ball - What Goes Around, Comes Around

It's fall in New England. A time when one tends to lose ...and hopefully find... a lot of golf balls.

Relinquished to the course, hidden under mounds of ruddy, redolent leaves, are the errant balls someone gave up on.

Yesterday, among the balls I found under mounds of fallen foliage, was a dusty, grass-stained Wilson Staff ball, with a familiar logo: The red, green and blue "crooked E" of once proud, stock market darling, Enron Corp.

This find was somewhat ironic because many are calling today "the unofficial end of the Enron era".

As I write this, Jeffery Skilling, commonly thought of as the ultimate villain in this sordid story of corporate greed, is awaiting sentencing in a Houston courtroom.

It seems that with corporate criminals... and wayward golf balls... what goes around, comes around.