Goals Instead of Holes?

It seems we've now got options, because there's a new game on the scene. It's called GolfCross®, or goal-golf, or Goalf, and it sounds like a great diversion for those days when plain old Golf is driving you crazy. The weird thing is, apparently the odd looking oval ball is actually more aerodynamically stable than our traditional round nemesis, resulting in straighter, more soaring shots. That part sounds pretty good to me.

In addition to the quirky ovoid ball, there are conical rubber tee cups, goal posts and well established rules. GolfCross® was concieved in New Zealand in 1989 and officially launched in 2001, so it's really in its infancy, but the sport's already developed a following in the UK and other places. I'm looking around for a place to play here in CT. Anyone know of one?

BTW, this post was inspired by an email I got for Hamish, a New Zealand golfer and avid reader of this blog. Thanks Hamish, It looks to me like NZ would be an awesome place to play golf...or goalf.