The Golf Girl's Totally Awesome Lesson

Yesterday at Stony Hill with Paul. We made some minor adjustments to my grip, set-up and address, then just worked onbackswing. Turns out I was way over swinging! I guess I was trying to channel The Wie One, and failing miserably. In other words, I was misguidedly attempting to generate power with my backswing and getting all out of alignment. So, we toned it down somewhat...and... it just worked. I hit some balls after the lesson and noticed a real improvement. Will it last? ...Even a day? Of that I'm not sure. In the past I've found that once I get onto a course I immediately forget everything I learned a my lesson. Well, tomorrow I'm playing at Richter so I'll soon find out. And I'm gonna to try like hell not to not to think of Ms. Wie at all.