In Reality, Golfers Need a Break

As reality shows go, The Golf Channel's, The Big Break, is pretty standard fare. Particularly this season, season VI, which features the iconic, and always oddly coiffed, Donald Trump, and one of his many comely courses.

Mr. Trump, being something of a one man reality show himself, seems to have done everything possible to make this a cross-over show. A show that will appeal to the average reality show junkie, as well as the obsessed golf fan. In addition to being veritable golfers, the cast is uniformly telegenic (at least the girls are). Nine men and nine women competing for exemptions into spots on the PGA TOUR’s Champions Tour and LPGA Tour respectively. The men are all over 50, the women all under 25. When you see them lined up behind a large-looming Donald, they look like well behaved contestants in a father/daughter tournament. I have the impression D.T. is ultra comfortable with this particular demographic... after all, it's the world as he sees it. Behind the scenes I detect the presence of Trump-hired producers encouraging the contestants to "mix it up" and "get emotional". As in..."Have a melt-down someone, please. This is TV."

The bottom line is, much as I'm enjoying it, I don't think it'll be huge success. Not the kind of success Donald Trump is known for anyway. I envision the reality show people getting bored with all the golf and the true golf fans having little patience for the staged histrionics. Sort of like soft core porn; women feel there's too much sex and too little plot ("this is supposed to be a movie?") and men, the exact opposite ("this is supposed to be porn?"). I hate cliches, but I guess you could say, "golfers are from Mars, reality show fans are from Venus".

My favorite contestant: Cute, sassy, spirited Briana. She's the token New Englander and doesn't take crap from her partner, who happens to be...

My least favorite contestant: the sanctimonious, and over confident Kelly. OK his drives are un-be-lievable, but big drives aren't everything. I totally relate to Bri wanting to dump him as her partner. Unfortunately, no one else wanted him either.