Girly Golf Gloves - A Little Sparkle Never Hurt Anyone

I'm so excited! This morning, out of the blue, I got an email from a girl who gets it. I mean she really gets it. Her name is Tina, and together with her friend Lisa, she's created an extraordinary line of golf gloves for us girly golf girls. I'm talking about taking it somewhat over-the-top. ...But just somewhat, and over-the-top can be a good thing when it comes to Fairway Fashions. Trust me.

I know from golf gloves too. I have gloves in 7 colors... plus black & white. However these are the first I've seen that feature sterling silver, 14kt gold and Swarovski Crystals! We girls love those things, I assure you. Each glove has a beaded bracelet that doubles as a stroke counter, and a matching ring. Why should jewelery always be hidden beneath the golf glove? It's a question that begs an answer. And these girls have one. See (and order) the entire collection at Sassy Swings.