Life is Good With the Right Golf Shirt

...and now I've got it! On Friday I received this punch pink fall polo from GirlsGreen, and it totally made my weekend. Talk about a high quality, comfortable, playworthy, totally stylin' shirt! A shirt that's just made for Autumn (or Spring) golf in our cooler climes. Yep, this is it.

The always engaging, Golfchick, Kristen Williams posted about this fashion-forward, girl's golf apparel company on her site last week. The company is run by two sisters, Katie and Karyn, and their golf experience, combined with a classy, creative fashion sense has resulted in an extraordinary product. In addition to the 3/4 sleeve autumn polos, they have short sleeve and sleevless, some with contrasting buttons and collars. Now, I like to layer. That's just me. So I wore a black sleeveless under my punch pink 3/4, and personally, I think the look just rocked with this pair of black and pink yoga pants I had. My shoes, with their touch of pink, pulled the look together. Wouldn't you say? Oh I almost forgot, Katie and Karyn do really cute tee shirts too, for the driving range or elsewhere, with golf graphics and texts. So Nick guys; this is just the place to begin Holiday shopping for the golf girl in your life. She'll definitely be happy, and happy is what you want, right?