Golf Guys - Who'll Shine in Sun City?

This is going to be good. The Nedbank
Golf Challenge
begins tomorrow at the Gary Player Country Club in Sun City, South Africa, and some of my (current) fave players'll be there. So now I have to decide who to put my money on. Nick and I always bet on these things. Not for money actually, but for a week of subservience and servitude. That is...the loser is the winner's servant for the following week. Makes the golf much more fun stressful to watch Anyway, we'll see what happens at the Nedbank this year. In the meantime here's who I'll be watching.

The local boys: I really like Ernie Els. I don't know why. Maybe it's because he reminds me of a South African guy I met on a cruise ship some years ago. But that's a whole nuther story, a pretty salacious one too. Definitely not appropriate for this wholesome blog. Now, Retief Goosen is South African too, but he does nothing for me. It's stange cause lots of other girls really lust for like him. I don't get that at all.

The Euros: Sergio Garcia and Padraig Harrington. Hmmm, I like them both. Sergio for his sense of style and Padraig because I'm related to him...sort a way...I think. Anyway they're both really excellent golfers and that's my real reason. (yeah, right).

The Yanks: Jim Furyk and Chris DiMarco. Yawn. That's my opinion anyway, not Nick's though. He really likes them. But wait till you hear the lame reasons why. OK, are you ready? He likes Jim Furyk because..."he plays at a consistantly high level", and he likes Chris DiMarco because..."he's a fighter". Puhleez! What kind of reasons are those. Men/Women - Mars/Venus...whatever.