Resumption of Normal Golf Activities

After a raucous night of plundering and pillaging with my fellow scallywags, I woke up this morning - slightly hung over - to a brilliant November dawn. Halloween was awesome, as it always is in our neighborhood. The evening was ultra mild and moonlit, and we had over a thousand trick or treaters. As you might of surmised, our theme this year was pirates. And, you know what? It's really fun to be a pirate. You get to drink copious amounts of grog, run rigs on unsuspecting swabbies, and act like a filthy wench. What could be better than that? Anyway Halloween's over for another year ... and my spine and elbow issues are hopefully a thing of the now it's back to golf. Today I'll go to the range after work, and tomorrow I have a lesson. This weekend it's meant to be cold, but I'm going to try to get in a final round ...or two... or three. Courses here pretty much close by mid-November, which is why I seethe with resentment whenever someone tells me they come from the sunbelt. However, I'm committed to finding innovative ways to keep refining my swing, strengthening my core and improving my game all through the dark days of winter. Because I'm committed to becoming a decent player one of these days...or maybe I'll just give up and become a pirate.