Michelle's Jingle Balls

I found this ad somewhere in Sunday's over-stuffed New York Times, and I've gotta say it freaked me out. It seems that in between practicing for the Sony Open, applying for early admissions to Stanford, and being named one of Time Magazines "100 People who Shape our World", Michelle still has time to build snowmen and string golf balls. That's just crazy! And it makes me feel like I'm way, way behind on this Christmas thing. Starbucks has been in red cups for weeks and I've only bought two presents! And they're both for me. I have done some Christmas stuff; I've put up the misletoe and found a couple of good recipes for eggnog shooters. But I'm still not nearly up to where little Ms. Wie is. And that bothers me. Is she channeling Martha Stewart or something? Anyway, this weekend I'm definitely going to catch up on my shopping, make my cookies, and string some golf balls. That is, unless I can find a course that's still open, cause it's supposed to get all the way up to 42 degrees.