Michelle Wie - Having Fun Down Under

The photo at left was taken earlier today as Michelle watched Andy Roddick defeat Marat Safin at the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne. She was seen in the same high spirits at a Serena Williams match earlier. No sign of depression, disappointment or defeat. In fact, she looked suspiciously like...a teen having fun.

Earlier this week, after Michelle's decidedly lackluster showing at the Sony Open, I participated in a lively "comments exchange" over at Oobgolf regarding the controversial Ms. Wie. As is wont to happen when the focus is Michelle, the conversation went well beyond its subject, and touched on issues of gender equality, commercialism, fame and merit, in professional golf as it exists today.

I'm linking to this discussion because I think a number of good points were made by everyone, and unlike some other bloggers, I didn't promise "not to post about Michelle Wie (...for at least a week)".

Update - Friday Fashion File has officially been changed to Weekend Fashion File. I'm still fooling around with working on it.