The Globalization of Professional Golf

During the past 24 hours hours, the golf blogosphere has been rife with post-Accenture musings on the state of International vs American golf. It's almost reminiscent of the post-Ryder Cup commentary way back in the balmy days of mid-September 06, when bloggers and other journalists spent several days analysing the future of golf in an increasingly global environment...then quickly moved on to other topics. Like Tiger's victories and Michelle's defeats.

But now this match-play event has caused the internationalization debate to begin again. Suddenly I'm reading about the "global players that are stemming the tide of American dominance"... And about the fact that this event, sans an American in the finals, truly does echo the US Ryder cup doldrums. Still another excellent article noted "the frightening lack of young American golf stars". There were even some perceptive pieces from as far away as India on this controversial subject. Such musings are definitely widespread right now. However, as Henrik Stenson well knows, many American golf fans determine a player's stature by his success on the PGA Tour, regardless of how he fares on other circuits around the world. So again the topic will probably fade from our consciousnesses...and our blogs...quite quickly.

If you only read one story on the globalization of golf though, I would highly reccomend this piece by Ron Sirak of Golf World Magazine. It's revealing and honest and charming at the same time...and that's not easy to do. I know, I've tried.