Golf Girl Poll: We Know Tiger Transcends Golf, But Do Any of These Other Guys?

Perusing golf stories and articles and blogs and shopping I'm wont to do at work during my spare time...I came upon this testy article by Steve Dilbeck of the LA Daily News. Essentially it berates Tiger Woods for failing to enter the Nissan Open and opines that his reason for not entering is that he's afraid of it and feels he can't win there. Whatever. To me the piece came off as sanctimonious and anyone who knows me knows I have no tolerance for sanctimonious.

But I've go to say, one bit got me to thinking. It was this: "Let's be brutally honest here -- the causal sports fan would be hard-pressed to name five golfers besides Woods. They'd actually have a better chance of describing them than naming them. --- "Let's see, there's Phil Mickelson -- or is it Nickelson? There's the overweight, smoking guy who sings really bad country- western songs. And the Indian who's really from Fiji whose name I can never figure out if it rhymes with sing. And does Jack Nicklaus still play? And, and ...---The average sports fan wouldn't know Adam Scott from Walter Scott. If you know Jim Furyk is the No. 2-ranked player in the world, you're not a sports nut, you're a golf fanatic.---Tiger is the only player who transcends golf."

While I strongly suspect this to be true. I got to wondering who would be the second most recognizable contemporary male golfer...after Tiger. So I did the logical thing: I made up this little poll. And I'm hoping it sheds some light. Note: I didn't include female or senior players, though I have no doubt that several of their names are more recognizable then the those of the guys I included. For this poll I wanted to focus on the gentlemen who regularly play with Tiger.

If asked to name one contemporary golfer besides Tiger Woods, which of the the following would the causal sports fan be most likely to name:
Phil Mickelson
Vijay Singh
Jim Furyk
Ernie Els
John Daly

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