Fashion Flash for Thrifty Golf Girls

Ok golf girls, it's spring, and it's definitely time to stock up on polos. Not only do you need new colors, but this year the look is much longer. As in: even your most extreme Natalie Gulbis corkscrew drive should not expose so much as a sliver of skin. It's like suddenly, flashing one's pierced navel is considered... get this... tacky. Can you imagine?

So anyway the thing is, it looks like we need new golf shirts. STAT. Now I like an $85.00 Ralph Lauren polo shirt as much as the next girl, Morgan Pressel, but my current budget for golf shirts will allow me just one and 5/8ths of one of those, so what to do? Well, I just happened to be perusing Target on-line, as I frequently do when I'm supposed to be writing, and I came upon a virtual treasure trove of so cute, ultra-cheap polos, by several very fine designers. The shirts at the top of the page are Mossimo and come in a large array of stripes and solids. The sale price is ...get this...$7.99. Enough said. This offer expires on Saturday though, so order them now!

Then there are these Isaac Mizrahi polos for $13.99. The slightly longer fitted sleeves look fresh and polished, don't they?

Finally, I don't want you to miss out on these! They're slim fit, flattering, collegiate looking polos by the uber-hip, powerhouse NY design team Proenza Schuler, and they're just $16.99. Do you believe that? Well believe it. There are lots more polos on sale too, they're all right here. And there's free shipping for orders over $50.00. I took advantage of that, obvs. So go get your shirts for the season. Then you can start thinking about shorts and skirts and shoes to match.