Golf Girl Fashion Flash - The Year of the Dress

Last night I received an anxious email from a friend of mine. She's a fashion forward golf girl and needed some quick advice on where she could find a cute golf dress. It seems she's had it with boring polo shirts, rugby shirts and skirts....haven't we all? What she wants is something "flippy and fun and not traditional dress code". And of course, she needs it by next week. Well, I can totally relate to her plight so I decided to see what I could find for her real quick.

Happily, in fashion circles, 2007 has been proclaimed the "year of the dress", and these days when something shows up on the runways in Paris and Milan and New York's reflected in golf apparel with lightning speed. So already at the PGA merchandise show in January there were golf dresses galore, and most are now available at pro shops, department stores and on-line.

The most innovative new golf dress out there right now has got to be the Adidas ClimaCool Motion Convertible Dress. The thing that's so cool about it (other then the CoolMax® Extreme fabric) is that it is in fact, convertible. You see, it's actually two separate pieces which can be joined with the help of a belt-like waistband to form the dress ...or worn separately as a polo and skirt. It comes in three colors, poise, blue jay and black, so imagine the multitude of golf outfits you'd be able to create with those three dresses and a couple of complementary tops and bottoms. An entire golf wardrobe, I'd say, and an ultra cute one at that. I was not able to find the convertible on line but was told it is available in shops.

What I did find online were the original ClimaCool dresses, not convertible but still plenty cute.
BTW - all of these Adidas dresses come with match printed undershorts for all of you who are thinking..."yeah, but what the heck do I wear underneath?"

This Nike Golf® floral border dress is a colorful, feminine option. Pale turquoise and sleeveless, with a fun Orange-y floral border, it's an outfit that will definitely turn heads on the fairways and greens, not to mention in the clubhouse. It has built in shorts too, so with all those eyes upon you you'll still have no fear of climbing into a cart or grabbing your ball from the cup. Oh and guess what? It's on sale at the Sports Authority site.

For a more urban, minimalist look, there's the zippered Puma golf dress. It's got a deep v-neck and nine inch zip and a very slim cut, so yes, it's extremely sexy. It comes in fuchsia and black and I found it on-line through Lady Golf.

I'm hoping this quick fashion flash provides a starting point for my friend's golf dress dilemma. Personally, I think I'll be wearing several of these styles when the warm weather finally gets to CT. In the meantime, for more golf dress tips and links to some lesser know designers, there's this informative piece by Golf Press Association's Janice Ferguson.

Oh, you were probably wondering about that top look... the ultra hot, white halter number. Well that's actually a tennis outfit and it's a skirt + halter top(left)combination. I couldn't resist including it though, cause I like it so much. It's Ralph Lauren and available through Neiman Marcus on-line, and just between us, I have every intention of ordering both pieces, and wearing them as a golf dress this summer. We'll just see what the dress code warriors at my club have to say about that.