The Golf Girl Sex Survey. Your Opinion Counts!

The Golf Girl Sex Survey is up and ready...and I urge you to weigh in with your opinions!

The idea of this survey came to me from reading the golf press (golf blogs and message boards, as well as traditional media) and noticing that the most lively and interesting best discussions always happened when sex and gender issues were raised. It's something lots of us are interested in, obviously...and, it seems, we have rather divergent opinions.

While keeping it brief - 35 questions in all - I tried to touch upon many of golf's hot-button sex and gender issues. My goal was to reach into the perceptions and experiences of male and female golfers... and see where they differ, diverge and...dovetail. It's multiple choice, but allows additional comments for those who wish to elaborate. And I do hope some of you will, after all, it's completely anonymous.

The survey will be open through Saturday, March 31, at which time I'll distill the results and post a comprehensive overview. I'm pretty sure it'll reveal some surprises. So weigh in here, invite your golfer friends too...let's have some fun with this.

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