Cleveland HiBore XL Driver Rocks (*updated)

...I played with my EWGA league at Vail's Grove last night and everyone was in awe of it. My drives were so consistently straight and long, that by the end of our nine holes there was mass driver lust going on. I don't normally inspire lust on the golf course. Not for my golf game anyway.

It seems the HiBore has a sweet spot that perfectly lines up with the center of gravity. At least that's the explanation in ClevelandSpeak, and supposedly that makes it very forgiving. Yes, it was definitely forgiving me last night.

Venerable golf blog, The Sand Trap, posted an excellent review of the men's version last year. I'm going to play with mine a bit more and write a full review from a lady's perspective. Who knows I might change my mind about it over time. Don't think so though, in fact, I can't wait to wrap my hands around it again. MmmHmm.

* Update - Check out today's post from Sean over at the The Deep Rough. It seems there's some indication that "...a limited number of Men's HiBORE XL 10.5 degree drivers may not conform to the Characteristic Time test standard established by the USGA." The good news is that my W-Series HiBORE XL, has been tested and determined to conform to USGA standards. I still say it has magical powers though.