Gratuitous Nudity at the US Open?

That's what Golf in London's londongolfer is hoping for, and I've got to admit, I'm sort of with him on this one.

In any case his position paper post on the subject is well worth reading. In the space of a few paragraphs he offers us a detailed reportage on a recent incident in the London subway involving a very "flashy" Judge, and the effect it's having on the city's wig and gown wearing judiciary. He also asks the age old question, ..."at what point does a ‘flash’ become a ’streak’?" ...and proceeds to explore the distinct socio-legal implications of each. Returning to the US Open, Mr. londongolfer serves up some daring predictions, as well as his hope that, despite the lack of available foliage at Oakmont this year, the event might be made more entertaining by "a good old injection of indiscreet wobbly bits".

On that happy note I maintain that Golf in London is the funniest golf blog on the Internet, by far. But then, I’m quite odd.