Back Home - Now I've Gotta Work on my Golf Game...Amongst Other Things

The last 10 days were the proverbial whirlwind of endless meetings productive work & gluttonous overeating fine dining, that define the average Paris business trip ...with as much golf as possible squeezed in, of course.

Now I'm back in CT and I've got a desk piled high with waiting work projects PLUS several major new ones I brought back from France... and I'm wondering where my golf improvement program is going to fit in. That's the thing about work. It tends to get in the way of golf and blogging and other leisure activities.

So, in that I'm not able to give up work due to financial constraints, and I'm not intending to give up my aforementioned other leisure activities... um, duh... I'm currently working out a master organizational plan to accommodate everything. It includes getting up at 6:30am, which I hate don't particularly like, but can probably get used to. My blogging will be done during the acquired 7:00 - 9:00 office hours Work work will be done 9 - 5 nonstop, and golf will fit into the 5:30 - 7:30 time slot. Weekends will be planed in advance to accommodate any unfinished projects as well as my recreational golf. Doesn't that sound efficient. Very unlike me, but efficient.

I'm getting the film and photos from my trip sorted and edited and ready to post later this week. Should have my first video blog up soon too, as well as my long awaited, much delayed swimsuit blog. Aren't I ambitious? I think I am.