Golf Girl's Friday Meanderings

What happend to the work week? For me, it never really solidified, it just evaporated, as if we skipped from last weekend right over to this one. With nothing in between. And that's ironic because I accomplished quite a bit at the office over the past few days. Strange. The magic of summer, I guess.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to playing at Richter Park tomorrow. With one of my readers, no less. I'm going to have to swear him to secrecy about my lackluster skills. Oh, I forgot, everyone knows I'm a mediocre (though passionate) player. Crap. Oh well, it should be fun. Then on Sunday I hope to meander (that summer word again) down to Wykagyl to watch some HSBC match play. How does that sound? Yes, summer is awesome.

Oh, before I wander off, let me tell you about a couple of on-line activities you'll surely enjoy, in case you happen to be stuck in front of a computer screen anytime during the upcoming W.E. Check out podcastGO's golf casts. Awesome golfers like Paula Creamer and K.J. Choi and Zach Johnson present their swings and shots in short easy to follow pods that you can watch on your computer or download to your ipod. (I'm studying Paula's swing for my round tomorrow). And how about designing your own golf shoes this weekend? "The Coolest Pair on the Planet" is an awesome contest where you design your own pair of My Joys for a chance to win a $1000. gift certificate. And you can order the pair you design. I've already done two and I've got to say they're really, really cute. See what you can do with yours...Have a great weekend!