Prepsta Golf Fashion - Join the Tee Partay

Personally, I don't need an invite.

I was born and raised in Greenwich, CT, the fiefdom of Preppiness. Summers spent sailing on Long Island Sound, vacations on Nantucket, the whole nine. For that reason, there came a time, shortly after high school when I developed a strong resistance to kelly green and bright pink. I started hating madras and argyle, too. I also eventually grew to disdain tiny alligators, polo ponys and little embroidered whales. And it went on like that for a while. I lived in NYC and Paris and for a number of years, wore nothing but black. All the time.

But let's face it those bright colors and whimsical logos...they're the quintessential eye candy. Who can resist them, especially on the golf course? Not me, and fortunately preppy is back in a big way, and it's lots cooler than it was in...well...the day. This time around it's a little bit retro and a lot sexier. You see it in Smirnoff ads and on Hip Hop stars like T-Pain. Now they've added a touch of Gangsta. Preppy + Gansta = Prepsta. That's the look and I'm loving it. I hope to do a Golf Fashion File on it soon.

BTW - I'm also working with my gorgeous blogger friend Becky C. on a post about the controversial issue of shorts on the golf course. She's the voice behind "Girl in Shorts" so I'm sure she'll bring some very interesting insight to the conversation. And to the fashion show. So stay tuned!