Elvis has left the Golf Course (updated)

It's Elvis Week in Memphis.

Thousands of fans will be attending a candlelit vigil at Graceland tonight to mark the 30th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. I don't know if the impersonator above will be among them, but the Elvis golf buggy would sure come in handy for navigating through the throngs that'll hover around Graceland Mansion. 75,000 are expected to pay their respects there over the next week.

I'm not sure that Elvis ever played golf, though some speculate that he would've been quite good had he set his mind to it, and some even surmise that, had he received a set of clubs instead of a guitar on that early birthday, he may have even made a career of it. The evidence sighted normally has something to do with hip rotation. His lifestyle however, was not one typically associated with a golf professional. Unless that golf professional is John Daly.

Speaking of Elvis/Golf connections, over in Ireland the Elvis Presley Fan Club holds a yearly Elvis Presley Charity Golf Classic. It's a one-of-a-kind event officially licenced by Elvis Presley Enterprises and the only Golf Classic in the world bearing the name of Elvis Presley.

I'm pretty sure the King would be proud.

Update - just got this message from one of my awesome readers:
Actually, GG, the vigil started last night, and ended in the early hours of this morning. Tonight is the big concert, where original Elvis bandmates and backup singers accompany Elvis in concert. E appears on a big video screen. It's the closest one can come to going to a live E concert these days.
And...I HAVE TICKETS for the show tonight! :) Wish you were here! - Paul

I wish I was too. :)