It's Back to School for Ernie Els

Up till yesterday Ernie Els was still planning on "making the short journey from New York to Boston for the Deutsche Bank Championship". That's what he wrote in his blog less than 48 hours ago. Earlier today however, he announced he'll skip this tournament to take care of some back-to-school preparations with his kids at the family home in the UK.

It almost sounds like he took a page from Lorena Ochoa's keeping it in perspective book, doesn't it? I'm sure this'll come as a shock to some. After all, Ernie's been playing so well, and he had a real chance of winning after his fourth place finish in Harrison on Sunday. But I remember how important it was for us to have our Dad around for the start of school. We would have have had a family Insurrection had he not been there, but he was a P.E. teacher - not a PGA Champion, so he always was.

Like with Tiger's absence from The Barclays, this will surely set the stage for some serious slamming of the Fedex Cup. Whatevs. The fact is, Ernie is 10th on the FedEx Cup points list, and he's planning to be in Chicago in two weeks for the third leg of the playoffs... so guess what? I just invented an awesome Ernie Els Recipe for the Fedex Cup Cocktail Contest! * It's based on the recipe for a South African Smoothie and on this South African golfer's very smooth swing.

The Big Easy Blaster

2 oz Amarula Cream liquor
1/2 Banana
1 scoop Vanilla Ice-cream

Blend all ingredients on high until smooth. Pour into a tall glass and garnish with shaved chocolate.