Hand Held Golf Video Analysis is Here - and I Want It

Almost a year ago I posted lustfully about the Nokia N93 Golf Edition, expounding on the awesome features of the phone and its Pro Session Golf Software...and lamenting the fact that it wouldn't be available here in the US for "quite a while". Well, "quite a while" is relative, and yesterday... a bit ahead of schedule... I received a press release from Helsinki announcing a new downloadable version of the Pro Session Golf video analysis application that takes the fierce Golf Edition functionality global. While last year it was launched as part of the "European only limited Nokia N93 Golf Edition", the new global version works on expanded device range. It's compatible with several members of Nokia’s gorgeous (my adjective) N family 95,73, 93, and 93i, to be exact.

Yes sure, the iphone seduced me momentarily, but Nick accaparated mine before I could take it out of its box. Don't ask me how the fbleeeepk he managed that, but the fact is he now owns it and proudly flaunts its virtual scorecard app. Well, I'll just let him enjoy my his iphone. I'm getting a Nokia NSeries. I'm not sure which one yet, maybe the 93i, but once I decide I'm downloading the the Pro Session and I'll be the one flaunting.

I've always loved Nokia, and Nokia is hugely involved with golf - Nokia NSeries is an official sponsor of the PGA European Tour. The phones have top notch video cameras too, which I can definitely use for the nascent Golf Girl TV. Yep, no doubt about it, I want this.