Dirty, Sexy Money...and Golf...and the Fedex Cup

For the past several weeks it's been alluded to, and hinted at, like a dirty little secret, but today it was made perfectly clear: A deferred annuity is simply not that sexy, even if it's $10 million.

Instead of the delayed gratification of the Fedex Cup annuity, Master of the Universe Tiger Woods, suggested today that it would be better to see the $10 million stacked up at the first tee, World Series of Poker style. That may be one of the changes to expect for the event in 2008...or maybe not. Most agree that there will be changes. The format will be tweaked, communication between players and commissioner's office will be improved, and despite the golf scribbler's grumblings and the top golfer's complaints, this Championship will stick. It takes years to establish tradition and prestige, and the Fedex Cup is just getting started.