Presenting Golf Girl TV!

The first episode. An overview of what's to come on Golf Girl TV.

OK, this is huge! Getting this first episode made, and up on the Internet (all by myself, I might add) was an undertaking. Because there's definitely a learning curve associated with each. step. of the process. And if you've seen me play golf you already know I'm not good at learning curves. But here it is.

That said, it's far from perfect; it's only an intro really... and it's almost 5 minutes long. From now on I want to try for under 3. And, I've got to stop reading the teleprompter. Damn. I've definitely got to work on lighting and sound and other production qualities...upgrade my equipment a bit a lot...but that'll happen...and I've got I've so many great ideas for future episodes!

There are still a number of issues I need to resolve with hosting, etc. I'll let you know as I resolve those, but now that I've gotten the initial (annoying) learning curve out of they way, the show is just going to get better and better. Currently Itll be here, and on as well as on Bliptv, which is a great place to host videos (thanks Joe C).

And there'll be a new episode every week. Uh-oh...I better get started on next week's show!