Ariya Jutanukarn - Youngest Ever !

These incredible Golf Girls...they're getting younger and younger. When will it stop?

Who knows, but for this moment at least, adorable Ariya Jutanukarn, a petite 11-year-old from Thailand, holds the record for youngest golfer to compete in an international tour event! She took the record by qualifying for the Honda LPGA earlier this week, and teed off yesterday to beat Michelle Wie's record by five months. No doubt she'll be hearing a few cautionary tales base on Ms. Wie's troubled trajectory, For the time being though,Ariya is just happy to play against so many golfers she admires, especially, Annika.

Ariya's Dad is ultra proud of her. He's also very proud of her caddy Moriya. You see Moriya happens to be Ariya's 13-year-old sister.